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We are a Dutch flight training organization. Our PPLBrainwash is a two-week intensive theory training to prepare private pilots for the EASA written exams for LAPL and PPL (Airplane/Helicopter) licenses.

The PPLBooster is a two-day training to help private pilots boost their knowledge after a few years of flying and to provide them with the latest information on everything that’s worth knowing for a pilot flying in Europe.

Over the last 25 years we have obtained a high level of quality in our training, which reflects in the organizations that call upon us on a regular basis: Amsterdam Airport SCHIPHOL, the Dutch Aviation Police, the Dutch Civil Aviation Authority and a growing number of Flight Training Organizations (A/H) throughout the country.

The regular training is in Dutch, because candidates in the Netherlands can only take the exams in the Dutch language. However, courses in English are possible if required.

Thank you very much for visiting. Please check out our column (on the right) about flying in this part of the world. Also feel free to follow us on Twitter (@pplbrain), we’ll gladly return the favor.

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One of our Booster candidates made a trip last year from Lelystad to Ameland: solid NAV plan, altitude 1500 feet, passing EHLW airforce base on the east side, saying 'hi' to a friend living near Dokkum. A bit close to the CTR, but should be OK.

Found the friend's house, made a bit of noise outside the busy areas, minimum altitude 500 feet and off to Ameland airport. Land, park, pay landing fee: "Yep, we're fine, thank you, how've you been? By the way, we received a phone call. Would you please call Leeuwarden AFB, Captain Suchandsuch...